About Us

I created the Burke's Pix store after years being a dog walker and owner of Burke's Dog Care, LLC, a perfect 5-star rated dog care company.  I saw so much beauty on my dog walks--sunrises and sunsets, wildlife, nature, landscapes and more, so I created this online store to show it off!

I also experienced some weird and cool stuff, historic scenes and more on these dog walks over the years.  So why not create a collection of these photos, as well as some fun stories and videos to entertain and inform you, under one "roof"?

So you're seeing my total experience as a dog walker and dog care business owner, from photos, to stories, to videos and more.  Even some dog advice!

And please know, the photos for sale were not shot with high-end cameras and equipment--most were done so using my phone--easier to carry and use while holding a dog leash at the same time!  But I wouldn't offer and sell them if they were sub-par--they're still great photos!

Before opening this store, I provided multiple framed and printed photos to my dog care clients, who LOVED THEM.  So my work has been tested and proven to be highly satisfactory!