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Common Questions and Answers


The featured photo that you see displayed on each product page is offered in two sizes: 5x7 and 8x10.  It can be ordered as just a photo (no frame), or it can be framed with matte inside two sizes of frames: 8x10 and 11x14.  (See below for a selection of other photos in other sizes).

You may see other actual images on photos in the image gallery, besides that of the actual photo that is being featured on that page. These are just random photos used inside the frames, for example, so you can see the quality of the frames and prints.  The featured photo--the one for sale on that product page--will be the first photo displayed.

A select number of photos and framed photos are being offered as exclusive choices.  They are larger, printed on special paper, and will use UV protective glass, etc.  This selective group is being developed and there are some on the store at this time.

Descriptions of photo and frame quality are below, and are also on each product page--along with videos that showcase their quality.

We will be offering more merchandise that displays our photos, such as tote bags, t-shirts, etc.  There are some on the the store now, but more will be coming!  But the store will always primarily offer photos in frames or in print (no frame).


Three Main Factors go into pricing:

1.)  Shipping costs are already factored into your price.  I am literally personally going to the shipping store and paying myself, after I arrange them to ensure quality.  There will be NO SHIPPING FEES WITHIN MA added, and I offer subsidized rates for shipping outside of MA.  Therefore, the price you see when you select a photo is the price you'll get.  There will be no "sticker shock" at checkout--no surprises.

2.)  I've had a blast spending years out on the roads and trails as a dog walker, in all kinds of weather and circumstances, taking photos of clients' dogs or the landscape around me...and even enduring the "interesting" experiences that led to the stories and photography that you find in this store.  So my heart is in these products from personal time and labor. 

3.)  We are not a sort of warehouse that mass-produces merchandise.  I have personally gone through capturing these photos, but I also personally arrange them, ship them, etc--one by one, to ensure quality. 


I am not a polished or elite professional photographer.  This store, and my overall story, is about a dog walker who is sharing his experiences while out in nature, spending time with dogs and trying to avoid humans! 

While walking dogs on the streets and trails, I didn't carry a super-advanced camera--I carried my trusty mobile phone!!  Please don't expect uber-high resolution photos, but you can expect pretty darn good ones!  There are some really unique photos taken over years of walking out in nature.

I do use a professional printing operation with quality photo paper, and I buy quality frames--I do not try to get the cheapest materials.  In line with our Perfect 5-Star rating history and high-class service, we aim to provide you with quality materials. 

I am also adding a premium selection of photos and framed photos.  They will be of special photo paper, UV glass for protection from the sun, hand-crafted frames, and more.  

Before opening this store, I provided multiple framed and printed photos to my dog care clients, who LOVED THEM.  So my work has been tested and proven to be highly satisfactory!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.  People love our photos and they are only offered if they pass our quality standards.  But if you are not satisfied, no problem.  We will refund you or give you a credit.  Your choice.


Yes.  In fact, Burke's Pix is simply a division of Burke's Dog Care, LLC.  You get the same perfect 5-star rated service we've established over the years with the dog care company, as it's the under the Burke's umbrella and owned by Brian Burke also.  Update: Burke's Dog Grooming is no longer associated with Burke's Dog Care, LLC.  It is its own separate entity.


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